Fundraising Champion Email Guide

You can use these email templates to reach out to your personal network and spread the word about your fundraiser. Just copy and paste the text below into your email client and add some personal flair to make it your own!

Before Layers of Love

Subject: Join me in Supporting Layers of Love

Hi [first_name],

I am excited to announce that I am supporting Pregnancy Center West during Layers of Love by taking on the role of a fundraising ambassador. My fundraising will help Pregnancy Center West to [OBJECTIVE]!

[Fundraiser Story: Why are you supporting this organization? What impact has this organization had on you/your family/your friends?]

Layers of Love is a 24-hour online giving event to celebrate [MISSION OF GIVING DAY], so join the movement by contributing to my fundraiser on August 27th! Check out my fundraising page here: [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE]

Thank you for supporting me and Pregnancy Center West!

Subject: I Need Your Help!

Hi [first name],

Layers of Love, the 24-hour online giving movement, is only X days away. Pregnancy Center West is participating in this one day celebration and I want to support them on August 27th. I need you help to make a difference!

Your contributions can make a big impact on [THOSE WHO ARE IMPACTED BY CAMPAIGN]!

Together we can [OBJECTIVE/TAGLINE]. Visit [LINK TO FUNDRAISING PAGE] to support me and Pregnancy Center West!

Thank you!

During Layers of Love

Subject: Layers of Love is here - Support Pregnancy Center West

Hi [first_name],

TODAY is the day! It’s August 27th, so the time to give is now. My goal is to raise $X in support of Pregnancy Center West, but I can’t reach my goal alone.

Please join me in helping Pregnancy Center West to [OBJECTIVE] by visiting my fundraising page at: [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK].

If you’ve already donated, thank you so much for your support! I hope you’ll consider sharing my fundraising page with your friends and family on social media to get the word out about Layers of Love and the difference they make to our community!

Thank you!

Subject: Only a few more hours left to give!

Hi [first_name],

Can you believe Layers of Love is almost over? With [$ AMOUNT YOU’VE RAISED SO FAR] already raised for Pregnancy Center West, I am proud of my impact as a fundraising champion!

I am so thankful for the support of my community throughout this day - but the giving isn’t over yet! Visit my fundraising page at [FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK] and make a contribution to help me reach my goal.

You can also show your support by sharing my fundraising page with your friends and family on social media!

Thank you again!

After Layers of Love

Subject: Thank You

Hi [first_name],

Thank you so much for all of your support during Layers of Love. Because of you, I was able to raise $X for Pregnancy Center West! Together, we made a difference in the lives of [THOSE SERVED BY ORGANIZATION].

You rock!